Frequently Asked Questions

Quicklink Web Page

Quicklink is a short combination of letters and numbers. This contains your contact data, like company name, address, phone numbers, email and web page. Give your Quicklink to your customers by phone, by placing it on your advertising (flyers, business cards, radio spots...). Your clients can enter your Quicklink in the free Quicklink App and immediately get all your contact data. This way, your clients can chat with you and you can send them news.
Anyone can get a Quicklink by entering the website Click the “Get your Quicklink now” button and check the available links. If the desired link is not used by someone else, you can immediately rent it and start using it.
Log in to your account, go to Quicklink and select your Quicklink. In this page you can set up your Quicklink. Fill the form and mark the data you would like your client to receive. Finally, do not forget to press the SAVE button. Check your settings now in the App by adding your own Quicklink. In the same page you can also set up your opening times, send news to all your clients and check the statistics.
Yes, you can change all your data anytime. After you make any changes, make sure to SAVE it all. Check the results in your own phone at your Quicklink.
The chat can be used or not, by the Quicklink owner. He will receive chat messages from the customers anonymously. The customer can enter a chat name in the App settings.
Manage all your chats in your mobile phone. For this slide your own Quicklink in the App to the left and click on the settings icon. Next, activate “Customer Chat in App”. You will be linked to the web page, log on and that’s it. Now you will find all your chat rooms in your mobile phone (in your own quicklink), notice that the chat icon is now green.
In the webpage (Quicklinks / select your Quicklink / show statistics) you can really see how successful your Quicklink is. You can see how many users have searched your Quicklink and how many have saved it in their mobile phone. Also you can check how many have received your messages and how many have read them. Be aware, success does not come by itself, you must use your Quicklink in all your advertising. Also, your offer must be interesting for the people, only then they will want to contact you.
In the webpage (Quicklinks / select your Quicklink / send Message) you have a very powerful feature: you can send a message to all your customers who have saved your quicklink in their Quicklink app at the same time. You will be able to find out at the statistics how many there are. Again, do not overdo it, your customers can any time turn off the message reception for your Quicklink.
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